Fire Life Safety Is #1

At Fentons, we aim to educate our customers on the importance of Fire Life Safety and provide the most secure fire protection systems that conform to international standards. Over the years, we have executed projects with fire standards far beyond the local fire code. As the economy grows and buildings with increased occupancy are being planned, the need for increased fire safety is apparent to us. We are continuously involved with CIDA in upgrading and enhancing the local fire code to better align with international standards.

The Beginning
FENTONS commenced fire-fighting services in the 1980’s, by representing leading Japanese and American manufactured Fire Alarm panels, to carry out certain key installations. Fire safety standards have only now become more rigorous in Sri Lanka and in terms of value projects and complexity of installation, FENTONS is clearly the market leader in Fire Engineering.

Our Partners
Our primary partners for fire products are Johnson Controls International (Tyco); Mircom, Canada; Nohmi, Japan; Lingjack (Combat) Singapore and Eland Cables among many other leading suppliers.

a. Simplex (UL/FM) – USA
b. Secutron (UL/FM) – Canada
c. Nohmi (UL/FM) - Japan
e. Combat (LPCB) - Singapore
f. 2M Kablo (LPCB) – Turkey
g. Johnson Control - USA

Our scope of work includes the following systems:

  • Fire Detection, Intercom & Voice Evacuation Systems Design & Installation - Conventional or Addressable fire detection systems, stand alone or integrated fireman intercom & Voice evacuation systems.
  • Fire Protection Systems Design & Installation - wet rising sprinkler and hydrant systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems Design & Installation - Deluge fire suppression systems, foam & gas suppression for special hazard’s areas.

We have factory trained in house system engineers especially for the fire detection system.

Our Team
A team of accomplished professionals are devoted to the code of safety and quality in the installation and maintenance of fire protection systems. Experience stacked up from years of training and service proves our fitters, welders, plumbers and technicians among the best in the industry. Our team knowledge and design capability helps us to maintain our reputation as the leader in Fire Detection, Suppression and Protection.

During the design of any fire-protection system, it is crucial to take into consideration the building’s use, occupancy, footprint and other installed systems. We at Fentons recognize this, and follow an approach in which our system designers analyze building components as a total package. Our knowledge of local fire code, NFPA and the British Standard ensures design compliance to the highest standards. The equipment we deploy to sites is of the highest international standard and our services are certified by the Fire Department of Sri Lanka.

List of Customers

Finance & Banking


Hotel & Condominium

Telecom & Broadcasting



Government Complexes