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Fentons Solar is one of the largest EPC contractors in the country. The company has been in the solar Photovoltaic (PV) industry since 2011 and, has been entrusted with over 11 MWp worth of roof top solar power island wide. We have partnered with Global Tier 1 Solar for PV panel manufacturers with Best inverter manufacturers, to provide the highest quality Solar PV systems at affordable prices. This understanding of each component of the total PV system, as well as the rest of the electrical system... that is our expertise, and together with Fentons, we have 95 years of it!

Fentons is pleased to have commenced several turnkey projects in the field of renewable energy, for prominent clients. Fentons first set foot in this field with the first grid connected 140kVA Min Hydro Power plant at Talawalkelle Estate in December 1995. For this, and many other ensuing schemes, the complete Electrical System together with the Protection, Control and Monitoring System was designed, assembled installed, and commissioned by Fentons.

In 2013, Fentons embarked on solar PV installations and prepared to meet global and local opportunities in this fast growing industry. By 2017, the company has been entrusted with more than 11MW of rooftop solar.

The company offers products from global Tier 1 module manufacturers and the world’s leading manufacturers of solar power inverters.

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